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Alius is a messaging engine that generates a Flex behaviour change programme based on our questionnaire and allows additional (real-time) custom inputs to add more complexity and personalisation to the programme.

What it does

Alius generates a personal behaviour change programme based on intake questionnaires. It uses your answers to select and schedule appropriate prompts from a wide range of options stored in a Dgraph database. After this initial scheduling, it can also be manipulated by analysis of other data sources such as wearable trackers, geolocation, and custom services as often developed in research projects. 


Alius is optimised for multilingual programmes, and designed for integrating with new data sources for real-time manipulation. We can send our messages using various delivery mechanisms like push notification and SMS to suit the needs of any project. 

Messages Image(1068137874).jpeg

This image shows how certain behavioural prompts (green) are scheduled for multiple Flex users (blue) while others are uniquely scheduled, all based on questionnaires and real-time analysis.

Why we developed it

Our previous messaging services, used in the Do CHANGE and Do ACTIVE project, were developed specifically for these projects and therefore not intended to be re-used in future projects. After several years of experience, we developed Alius to fit our current and (foreseeable) future needs where expandability and advanced analytics are key features.

Want to use Alius to send behaviour change prompts in your project?
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