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About Onmi

Founded in 2014 at the Eindhoven University of Technology, Onmi sprang from a Master's graduation project and extensive PhD research within the Industrial Design faculty. Rather than letting the results of this hard work gather dust, the decision was made to bring the academic findings into the real world, with the aim of aiding people in their struggle with health issues.


Over time, we've evolved into a specialized team that combines professionals from different disciplines and nationalities. While our team may be small, we are firm believers in the adage that "less is more." Each team member brings unique value to our company, resulting in a blend of varied perspectives, innovative ideas, and a consistent commitment to quality.


Onmi represents the embodiment of academic innovation applied practically. Our mission is to use technology to empower individuals, helping them to lead healthier lives through the management of their habits and lifestyles.

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Our Team
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van Berlo

Sander is one of Onmi's co-founders. He's a design-minded dynamo who loves to explore new collaborations and is constantly tinkering to make user interaction with our app better. Currently, he's taking Onmi's technology to new heights in Australia. His mission: to help make a real impact on people's lifestyles.


Idowu is our creative brain with an analytical edge. Starting his design journey in Nigeria and refining his skills in the Netherlands, he's got a knack for crafting intelligent, personalised solutions. As an Onmi co-founder, Idowu is dedicated to transforming lives and making a genuine impact through his work.

Our Advisors
Ben (C)

Ben is our go-to guru for all things psychology. With his extensive credentials and experience, including founding FIT Science and the innovative 'Do Something Different' approach, Ben is instrumental in developing Onmi's Flex programme. 

We're always up for a chat!

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