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About Onmi
Onmi was created in 2014, as a continuation of a master’s graduation project and PhD work at the Eindhoven University of Technology. During our studies at the faculty of Industrial Design, we developed a passion for helping people in their struggle with health issues. Rather than letting our work end up on a shelf, we started Onmi to further develop our ideas, and eventually share them with the world.

Our team consists of professionals from different disciplines and nationalities. We are a small team, but we prefer quality of quantity.

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Our Team
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van Berlo

As one of the founders of Onmi, Sander is always looking for new opportunities, projects and people to work with. With his background in design he is constantly thinking of new ways to improve the users interaction with Onmi’s technology. Sander is currently based in Australia where he attempts to bring Onmi technology to the market.


Idowu combines creativity and analytics to create rich personalised solutions. Idowu started his design journey in his home country Nigeria and later moved to the Netherlands to complete degrees in intelligent design/ service development. Idowu co-founded Onmi to take his valuable work to the market so it actually impacts people’s lives.


Mart obtained his PhD in 2019 on aggregation, analysis, and feedback mechanisms for contextual information for behaviour change. His PhD resulted in a state-of-the-art data aggregation and distribution system. Mart now uses his expertise in system architecture at Onmi. He takes great joy in finding the right tools for the job at hand; resulting in a broadly developed technical skillset.

Our Advisors

Nita has a masters degree in Industrial Design. She specialises in user experience design and user interface design. Whenever Onmi develops a new smartphone application, Nita comes in to make sure it looks great, and interactions are intuitive and engaging.

Ben (C)

Ben is Professor in Psychology, Practitioner Occupational Psychologist, Practitioner Health Psychologist and Chartered Scientist. Ben is also the founder of FIT Science and of the Do Something Different approach. He is helping Onmi in the development of the Flex programme.

We're always up for a chat!

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