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Our smartphone app that helps you achieve a healthier and happier lifestyle by prompting you to make incremental changes in your daily routine. Vire is gives access to our behaviour change platform.

Vire is available in Apple's App Store and Google's Play Store.

It's all about lifestyle

Being diagnosed with a health condition can come as a blow. It's normal to experience a range of emotions in the wake of such a discovery. Some days you may be tempted to pretend you never received your diagnosis. However, facing the situation head-on is the best way to cope. 

You may not be able to control certain aspects of your disease. Still, you can choose to be active, eat healthy meals, take medications as prescribed, and spend time with supportive people.


Vire helps you manage the elements in your life that are within your control: your habits. 

Vire helps you take control. It sends out personalised Do's, or micro-behaviours, designed to help you make lifestyle changes and experience things outside your comfort zone.

Vire content

Vire is the front-end of our Flex behaviour change program. So, the content we provide through Vire is based on the Do Something Different method for behaviour change.


However, at its core, Vire is just an application that sends you messages at a scheduled time, based on a set of rules.

If you believe in a different approach and want to send your own messages to the user, we can help you by setting up custom content in Vire.

How we built the app

We have built Vire in a way that is easy to manage and scale. Here are some of the key features of our app:

Internationalisation: we can easily add languages without the need of app updates. This applies to the interface as well as program content. Vire first tries to display in the phone's native language. But, if this is not available, it will display in English.


Pay-as-you-grow: our infrastructure is serverless, which means Vire's operating costs are low. Costs only increase when user numbers and usage increases. Scalability is only limited by the service provider (Google Cloud Platform in our case).


Private tenancy: we provide data segmentation in different tenants that connect to one app. The database is part of this tenant, so your user's data is stored separately from others. Everything is stored in Europe by default but can be deployed elsewhere if desired. 


Custom content: we can add custom programs with illustrations without the need of app updates or developer involvement.


Distributed tracing: if someone makes a request in the app and does not get expected result, we can trace their interaction throughout our entire system and quickly identify the issue and fix if needed.


Graph first: we use GraphQL to offer a custom endpoint to integrate with our system without having to use Vire app. Through this endpoint you can easily send and request data in a format that you want. DGraph is our database of choice

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