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Onmi (it breathes) is a multidisciplinary design firm. We focus on improving and maintaining health and wellbeing.


Our mission is to facilitate solutions that seamlessly integrate into people’s lives: they become as unconscious, autonomous and reparative as breath – Onmi.


We help you break undesired habits and achieve a healthier lifestyle. We use an innovative set of applications to send fun, personal, and actionable prompts based on contextual and behavioural data.

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Send out behaviour change messages based on pre-set schedules or real-time triggers from analysis applications.


Aggregate and distribute data from popular health APIs or connect to custom services. Scale infinitely without introducing a bias on the data collected.


Break undesired habits and increase your behavioural flexibility with Do's, or micro-behaviours, designed to encourage you to step out of your comfort zone.


Analyse GPS data in near real-time. Formulate a detailed timeline and use it to understand your location-based routine.


Analyse location and activity data in near real-time to interpret how habitual you are in three key areas: activity, variety and social opportunity.


Visualise your measured habits, receive Do's and monitory your progress in achieving a happy and healthy lifestyle. 

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